Bottoms Up

... Is a ten-week course and program that aims towards making people better squatters. The specific focus of this particular course is to build the Grace, Grit and Skill necessary to not only keep the heels on the floor, but also move them up from and down towards the ground in a controlled manner as you are squatting - thus freeing up movement of the knees and the rest of the body.

  • Clear instructions and demonstrations of all movements, including guidelines for creating your own squat program as well as tips to incorporate the Bottoms Up exercises into your existing program.

  • 15 exercises that have been specifically designed and curated for the purpose of building skill, mobility and strength in your feet, ankles and knees.

  • 41 videos, and notes, for the program and exercises. You also get short form recap videos of all techniques that you can use for quick reference while you are, for example, at the gym.


  • Space

    Expand your range of motion. Improve your ability to open your hips and close your ankles.

  • Grit

    Create and maintain tension. Increase the strength and resiliency of your knees and ankles.

  • Grace

    Move with ease. Refine the skillful application of your physical qualities.

Course curriculum

    1. Calling all sassy squatches.

    1. The Three Tenets

    2. Exercise Order

    3. Sets and Reps

    4. Effort

    5. Progression

    6. Recovery

    7. Incorporation

    8. Practice

    9. Program Guidelines

    1. Introduction to the Demi Plié

    2. Space - Demi Plié March

    3. Grit - Shallow Knee Bend

    4. Grace - Barrier Squats

    5. Phase #1 - Notes

    6. Technique Recap - Demi Plié March

    7. Technique Recap - Shallow Knee Bend

    8. Technique Recap - Barrier Squat

    1. Space - Magic Mike

    2. Grit - Geisha Squats (Stationary and Moving)

    3. Grace - The Fourth Wall

    4. Phase #2 - Notes

    5. Technique Recap - Magic Mike

    6. Technique Recap - Geisha Squat (Stationary and Moving)

    7. Technique Recap - Fourth Wall

    1. PSA

    2. Space - Demi Plié To Relevé

    3. Grit - Deep Knee Bends

    4. Grace - Flat Earth

    5. Phase #3 - Notes

    6. Technique Recap - Demi Plié to Relevé

    7. Technique Recap - Deep Knee Bend

    8. Technique Recap - Flat Earth

    1. Space - Coyote Ugly

    2. Grit - Pansy Squat

    3. Grace - Sequence #1

    4. Phase #4 - Notes

    5. Technique Recap - Coyote Ugly

    6. Technique Recap - Sequence 1

    7. Technique Recap - Pansy Squat

About this course

  • $79.00
  • 50 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

"Jon's squat course has to be one of the best and most creative lower body courses I have had the pleasure of taking!"


by Minna Liimatainen

This course was a thrilling dive deep into a shining sea of squats and smiling quads! Bottoms Up made me clearly stronger and more connected with my body. Jon is amazingly knowledgeable, very clear with his instructions and he doesn't forget to have a laugh and make it fun! With all that said, I'd warmly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be stronger, healthier, more confident, aware and fine-tuned. Who doesn't? So go take these loving dives to the bottoms and up, you won't regret it!

by Ian Cunningham

Jon's squat course has to be one of the best and most creative lower body courses that I have had the pleasure of taking. Not only does Jon have a great understanding of what it takes to create a solid foundation to build upon, he is also incredibly creative and it makes for a lot of challenging fun. If you want to develop a better, stronger, and more mobile squat.. This is the course for you. Even if you have a strong and mobile squat, this is still the course for you. You will not regret it.

by Sarah Bender

Jon’s Squat course is a thoughtfully curated blend of exercises and tasks that are not only effective but fun! In addition to more straightforward exercises that are helpful for building a foundation of strength and balance while taking your squat skills to the next level, he also has a delightful assortment of tasks that encourage development of spatial reasoning skills while encouraging the task undertaker to push their limits in a creative manner. This is a great course and I highly recommend it.

by Catarina Rosa

Jon approaches squats with a whole new perspective from what I hear, from what is commonly said and from what society shows us. Jon has shown me the incredible versatility, utility, application, control and enjoyment that squatting can have and bring. We so often forget how those legs down there support us and how you can actually play around with that support, that they become literally ignored and ignore us back when we want them. The detail put into the instruction videos is mesmerizing and I see, but, very importantly, feel, highly increased foot and ankle control.

by Angie Cavazos

Bottoms Up squat program has improved my strength, stability and balance. My calves became stronger every week. The tasks are fun, creative and challenging. Every week instructions are clear and if I was in doubt, Jon was always available. At the end of the course I could see clear results, in my ankles, knees and hips. A deeper squat, no dragon squat and solid sissy squats.

by Kimberley Ann

Regardless of your background in movement, Jon's Bottoms Up course is an absolute joy to dive into. Jon made all the exercises look easy in the tutorial videos, but I was happy to quickly discover that every single one of the exercises had an abundance of challenges for me. Being this challenged in a fun and active way it has greatly boosted my own mental motivation and inspiration besides improving physical skills. All the movement patterns are clearly instructed verbally and demonstrated and never left me with any questions or confusion. If you are looking for inspiration, deeper body awareness, more space and grace while also improving strength and balance.. Then what are you waiting for?

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  • What is the general layout of the course?

    Bottoms up consists of five phases, each of which lasts two weeks. Every phase, you will be training and practicing a Space, Grit and Grace exercise that is unique to that phase.

  • How much time will I invest in Bottoms Up??

    Every phase should optimally last two weeks, since this is the necessary duration to yield the best results. Depending on your experience you'll spend 3-4 days per week / 15-30 minutes a day.

  • What sort of equipment do I need?

    A floor, a wall, and three light objects.

  • What sort of experience do I need?

    This course is suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced practitioners. However, it is recommended that you have some experience with lower body exercises.

  • Can I incorporate Bottoms Up into my existing training program?

    You most definitely can. By swapping certain movements out with the exercises from this course, and lowering the amount of work you do with some exercises, Bottoms Up can easily be incorporated into any program. The course material will include recommendations for this.

  • How long do I have access to the course material?

    2 years from the day you enroll.

  • Is the course material downloadable?

    All videos in the course can be downloaded.

  • What do I do if I have questions about certain exercises or other aspects of the course?

    By enrolling, you get access to our a discussion forum (Forum Squatchica) on this website, where you and all other memebers can both ask questions, and give/get answers.