Spinal Waves 102

  • Integration

    You’ve practiced isolating your spine. Now it’s time to integrate and cascade through other body parts highlighting their interdependent relationship. A strong flexible spine is a beautiful base from which to move effectively, with grace for life.

  • Better Movement

    Everybody has a body and that body was designed to move. Training through multiple pathways, stimulates body and brain as we move through space. We build resiliency through focused, challenging practice and improve quality of movement through imagery based training.

  • Multi Discipline

    Achieve your goals with finesse. No matter which movement world you currently move through, from coaches and teachers to dancers and beginning movers, fluidity and grace translates to better results. Learning new skills make us better human beings.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. What the sploosh?

    3. Program Guideline Notes

    1. Dive in Feet First

    2. Tide Variations

    3. Thoracic Vortex

    4. Week 2 - Notes

    1. Ebb and Flow Hip Sequence

    2. Pelvic Weave

    3. Plunge

    4. Ebb and Flow Play

    5. Week 3 - Notes

    1. Thoracic Pop

    2. Thoracic Coil Turn

    3. Plunging Lunge

    4. Undercurrent Play

    5. Week 4 - Notes

    6. Medical Disclaimer

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 23 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Your Teacher

Samantha Emanuel

I discovered movement in my 20’s through Kung Fu. I am a self taught dancer rooted in (but not limited to) contemporary belly dance. I toured the globe for four years with Miles Copeland's The Bellydance Superstars, collaborating with dancers at the top of the genre. I am a qualified mat Pilates instructor. When not building eco houses with my husband, I teach intensive workshops globally and have 13 plus years of performance experience in over 42 countries. My dedication to movement and its power to connect people from all continents keep me on the move. My target group is anybody with a body, willing to step outside the box. If you want to find your liquid flow, no matter your preferred movement methodology, I’m your guide.


Catarina Rosa

"Sam's sweet and foolproof online teaching takes select Tribal Fusion Belly Dance movements, that dancers might take for granted, and puts them through a new filter and in a new environment, that I believe will be quite revolutionary both for the physical conditioning and for the dance world."

Digue Braga

"Samantha is an incredible teacher, and even someone like myself with zero background in dancing, was able to enjoy very much Spinal waves 102, and follow her clear instructions throughout the weeks, loved her cues,  visualization techniques to bring awareness to your movement practice... Totally recommend it!"

Lisa Müller-Albrecht

"I always struggled with exercise programs that focus on strength of single muscles and isolated body parts. Spinal Waves 102 offers the possibility to develop each movement sequence from low to high intensity, from small to big, from easy to difficult. It improves strength and flexibility in a safe and natural way and- what is the most important aspect to me as a dancer- the body awareness."

Charlotte Wassell

"Spinal Waves 102 has ignited my dance practice with new ideas, imagery and inspiration. The programme is accessible for newer dancers yet there is plenty of fresh content and concepts to challenge those who are more advanced."

Micha Bakker

"What struck me the most about the Spinal Waves course was the way Sam explained it made me ’get it’ which lead to the fact that for the first time (ever!) I actually felt that I could wave and flow with my whole body."

Holly Carlson

"The format of Spinal Waves 102 allows for you to be creative in your approach once you understand the movements. You can integrate flows that work for you and gain more autonomy in your practice using the tools you've learnt. Sam is an invaluable guide in injury prevention and protection; it is through her classes that I finally understood and actually enjoyed the process of conditioning and nurturing the muscles in my body."


  • What is the general course layout?

    This is a 4 week course that works sequentially so you need to complete each week before the next becomes accessible. Each week has a focus all with a common theme: Integrating your spine with the rest of your body through practicing a liquid flowing movement quality.

  • How much time do I need to invest each week?

    Ideally 3-4 sessions per week taking 30 to 45 minutes, or simply add the exercises to your existing practice sessions as you see fit in line with time available. Exact amount of time depends on how much work (time/sets) and how much rest/recovery you need in each practice session. Consistency wins.

  • What equipment do I need?

    A floor 3 square metres (preferably with some slide potential, and socks for certain exercises) Possibly wrist weights if you like but not mandatory. A wall or chair for support.

  • What kind of experience do I need?

    Ideally have already completed Spinal Waves 101. It is possible to take 102 as a stand alone but I highly recommend for the good of your spine and your mind you also take 101. You do not need dance experience to take this course, it is open to movers from any modality of all levels. The course is designed to be accessible yet challenging, providing ideas and concepts for mixed level, from instructor to those just starting out.

  • Can I spend more than one week on a set of exercises?

    Absolutely! You can spend as much time as you wish on improving movement quality. With a beginners mind, there is always something to learn, it is always interesting to go back the beginning and further refine. Focus on the process rather than the goal.

  • How long do I have access to the course material?

    You have 2 years of access to this course and discussion board.

  • Is the course material downloadable?

    All videos and notes can be downloaded.

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