Welcome, Taskmaster.

Taskmaster is a six-week course on Task-Oriented Training - an approach to movement that encourages movement variety, mindfulness, and problem-solving skills.

The Benefits of Task-Oriented Training

  • Grace

    Solving a task requires awareness, receptiveness, and patience. These are the primary ingredients to graceful movement.

  • Unforeseen benefits

    There are many ways to solve a task, and an equal number of adaptations that might take place.

  • Problem-Solving Skills

    Task-oriented training is less about moving in a specific way in order to get a specific result, and more about moving in whatever necessary to solve a puzzle.

Course curriculum

    1. What is Task Oriented Training?

    2. Mindset

    3. Program Guidelines

    1. Barrier Squats

    2. Hinge Precisions

    3. Squat Armstrong

    1. Fourth Wall

    2. Gloria

    3. The Descent

    1. Jericho Squat

    2. Flat Earth

    3. Lunge Lounge

About this course

  • $29.00
  • 12 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content


  • What is in this course?

    In this course, you'll get access to an introduction to what Task-Oriented Training is, some advice about the mindset we wish to adopt, program guidelines, and 9 different tasks complete with instructions.

  • Who is this course for?

    Everyone. Tasks can be adapted to suit most bodies and varying degrees of experience.

  • What sort of equipment will I need?

    Floor space and a wall.

  • What if I want feedback?

    You can tag me or DM me on Instagram. However, most of the feedback you need can be found in the movement you're doing.